Over the last number of years there has been an increasing trend in developing the outdoors, areas of our homes to be a place of solace. This may be partly due to the high stress lives that we lead and the desire to have a single location for relaxation, entertaining and fun. More homes are now including a variety of décor choices that are transforming a standard backyard into a place of magic. This newer aspect is being accomplished thanks to the many incredible items that are solar powered.

There has always been a desire to have a fantastic backyard, but the challenges in adding such items as lighting and even fountains required electrical connections that many simply didn’t want to deal with. The advances is solar power have introduced smaller components that have been blended with beautiful décor and are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor weather conditions.

More backyards, decks and lanais are seeing the addition of everything from solar path lights to statues and fountains. Almost everything that you can imagine as part of your scenery enhancements are now available in durable and long-lasting solar options. For those living in areas where they want the beauty of nature but the protection against pests, there are even solar powered pest deterrents.

Solar has become so popular that many of the builders are incorporating solar additions as part of the attraction for outdoor landscaping. Lights, fountains and ponds are now being seen as a default décor in attracting home buyers. For those that are selling their homes, these are inexpensive ways to pique the interest of buyers and differentiate the property from others.

But solar isn’t limited to just décor, as it has addressed one of the larger family needs when enjoying outside activities. You can keep you little ones entertained with solar powered toys. These ingenious devices offer hours of fun for kids of all ages.